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E-mail entries

RC Fiddler is holding this page open for any related E-mail entries. 

  • I would like to talk to you about publishing in an e-book format; e-mail address is...Donald B...
  • Hay, this is Susan N... again, I want to thank you for the publication advice you gave me; it really works.
  • I took your recommendation and bought the Kindle 3g reader - you're right, it's the best!  Thank you Edward J... 
  • I am now published in print and soon to be published in Kindle. My next step is  to build myself a web site...Donna K...  
  • RCF, The only criticism I have to offer is this; your book was to large in content, I didn't get anything accomplished for better than a week, all criticisms aside, I enjoyed your writing very much and I will be looking for your next book. Your auto insurance agent Fred J. Ps, hang in there!!!
  • My book was delivered today and since I'm not that far away from you; will you be doing any book signings in the Long Beach area any time soon? If so please email the location and time and I'll be there. Teresa B... 
  • When Jack W...told me you wrote a novel-it blew my everloving mind. Bring one of your books by the lodge, if I'm not there, Jack will have the money - please sign it for me, OK? Benny O... Have one on me!