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                                     Below are a few excerpts from Stellar and the Mayday Event:

The United States President sat with his immediate advisor's: the Directors of the CIA and FBI, Homeland Security and the Secretary of Defense in the White House Situation Room. The President began by declaring; “Folks, I brought you all here today to discuss some rather strange occurrences that have taken place around the globe of late. Several months back, a NASA satellite downloaded post imagery taken after a purportedly great flash of intense blue/white light occurred off of the northern coast of California. Twelve frames of enhanced imagery revealed a medium sized cargo ship on a westerly course, however, the thirteenth frame on showed empty seas. We’re imagining this vessel could be the same vessel that was reported by our Coast Guard just prior to that event, a vessel by that same description was boarded off of the coast of San Diego five days previous, during that boarding, the Coast Guard had two covert undercover DEA Agents aboard with highly trained canines, it seems that the DEA’s canines gave the all clear and the ship was allowed to resume course, that’s all I have for now.” The DEA Director stood and declared; “Mister President, sir if I may have the floor, I can explain what occurred during that boarding operation; after receiving a tip that, supposedly, the largest cocaine shipment in the history of the cartels was underway on the Pacific side of the Americas. 

“GENTLEMEN, we have a covert agent in the International Maritime Bureau, he informed us that a potentially dangerous operation is going down. This operative informed us that a group of Somali Pirates are apparently planning to hijack a cruise ship somewhere in and or around the vicinity of the Gulf of Aden tomorrow morning; these pirates are intending to lay in wait for the ship which is sailing into the channel from the Horn of Africa. “How did they dig up this info?” “From our undercover maritime agent.” This cruise ship was jointly charted by several of the largest Fortune Five Hundred corporations in the world for the purpose of a business restructuring conference. There will be a lot of wealthy people aboard that ship Dan; that is all we have in at this time. Stellar will engage the Somali Pirates in a well timed covert action and the called for timing will be left to you and Joe. Stellar’s presents will never be revealed, the pirates will never know, by what force, what hit them. If any of the pirates vessels should get to within fifty yards of that cruise ship, you will have to neutralize them. Should any ordinances be launched against that ship, the activated fire control will destroy those ordinances in flight long before striking that ship, my suggestions for the primary actions would be to use a concentrated acoustical beam to warn them to abort their heinous mission, if this warning is arbitrarily ignored; they will then face total annihilation. You will need to be on station over the Horn of Africa before the sun rises in that area, you then will locate the cruise ship long before it reaches the Gulf of Aden.